Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some perspective on those Japanese cartoons

It looks like even though Taro Aso thinks Japanese anime is the future of the world, China is (officially at least) cracking down on animation programs that are going to be shown inside the country.

The China State Administration of Radio Film and Television announced earlier in February that, " From May1st, television stations at various levels should not broadcast oversea cartoon or any informational program introduces oversea cartoon from 5pm to 9pm, extend one hour compare to last restriction which is 5pm to 8pm."

Over at China Smack, I was able to read the translated commentary of netizens who all hold a diverse range of opinions on this issue. Some used anime as a platform to raise questions of nationality, while others berated Japanese anime for being too sexual and violent. I'll leave you all to read over the commentary provided here, but it would be interesting to see what you all think.

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  1. Diana posted an interesting blog regarding China's restriction of Japanese anime from airing on prime-time television. From China's point of view, foreign media will influence its population for the worse by undermining the Chinese culture and ideology. The Chinese government feels this could result in some unsavory actions such as protests, as a result of counter culture ideas that might threaten the Chinese Communist Party. However, what I find amusing is that despite their efforts - if the fans really want to watch their anime they will find it by means of bootleg copies (ironically, which China is famous for) or illegal downloads. Especially with the use of technology, there are many streaming websites that host anime shows. China is concerned about its cultural values being undermined by another country' s but I think some of the more important questions that China should consider are: Why is their population attracted to anime? Do Japanese cultural values transcend the medium? Would the restriction of anime really lead to a preservation of Chinese culture and values? Is anime’s popularity in China really undermining their culture/government in the first place? Or is anime popular for the simple fact that it’s just entertaining?