Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama to Regulate CO2 Pollutant


After our class discussion on marketing Germany as a green country, the US joined efforts to curb climate change by issuing a report on the harmful effects of CO2.  Perhaps, Germany is not going alone in addressing global environmental issues. 

At the Environmental Summit in Copenhagen in 2008, the results were mixed.  Many environmental groups thought that the US and other Western nations were holding down progress.  The developing countries refused to make concrete changes until the developed countries amended their policies and reduced their carbon footprint.  At that time, the hope of seeing the US- the country with the largest carbon footprint- alter its policies was almost nonexistent.  It appeared as though the environmental situation would stand still until the US budged.


The BBC article "Obama to Regulate 'Pollutant' CO2" by Richard Blake summarizes the change in policy and its effects on the global environmental movement.  The leadership of Barack Obama allowed this report to go public and shows a newfound dedication to the environment.  Lisa Jackson of the EPA remarks that the report, "follows President Obama's call for a low-carbon economy and strong leadership in Congress on clean energy and climate legislation; and... the solution is one that will create millions of green jobs and end our country's dependence on foreign oil."


Now, the US has sent a message of respect for the world's environment.  Phyllis Cuttino, the Director of the US Global Warming Program at the Pew Center, has stated that,"This reclaims the US role on the international stage as a leader." The US indicates that it must amend national policies and streamline with the international community. Changes have to occur in its own backyard before expecting the world to make changes.  As the US regains a leadership position on the environmental front, I wonder if it will align with Germany to combat environmental issues.  If Germany wants a time to broadcast its strong stance on the environment, 

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  1. For the sake of U.S. public diplomacy, I agree that this was a good move by President Obama. He really is making it seem like he is going to stick to his promise to streamline policies with the international community. From an American taxpayer’s perspective, however, I do not feel too good about our president catering to the needs and desires of other countries just to make the global community happy. Although, I understand that Obama is probably making these decisions because he feels like they are the right ones, I just don’t like in this post where it says, “The developing countries refused to make concrete changes until the developed countries amended their policies and reduced their carbon footprint.” I don’t like it because it makes me feel like Obama just made this decision to make everyone else happy. I know that this was a good thing for the U.S.’s public diplomacy, but I, personally, am not a big fan of it.