Monday, April 6, 2009

AU Does 2.0!

For all those of you who have seen AU's New Website (which must be everyone by now) this will be old news, but it's at least worth a mention. AU has officially jumped on board the web 2.0 movement. AUPedia is the University-sponsored wiki and gives any member of the AU community a chance to share his/her thoughts on AU from an insider's perspective. Contributions to this wiki are by no means anonymous. Users log in with their AU user id and password, and anyone who views a particular entry can link to the author's profile which is automatically populated with basic information, but can be edited to include a photo and a short bio.

One of the reasons behind this innovation seems to be to attract prosepective students, providing the image of a strong community and the appeal of an inside scoop, but I'm curious about how effective the feature will become. Any thought's on AU's newest tool of "public diplomacy?"

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