Thursday, March 5, 2009

Keyhole tv and soft power

The other day, our readings in class focused on how an increasingly media-infiltrated world was affecting the daily life of the average citizen, and how these tools can be used in the public diplomacy sphere. I found it interesting when the readings mentioned how peer-to-peer technology was really changing the future of the Internet, and how it was the forefront to technological change and communication. I found a free program the other day that Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs is testing out, using P2P technology. This project called, " KeyHole TV" allows Internet users to watch Japanese TV in real time, with a selection of the major television channels in Japan. Currently, the project is causing a stir among language learners, but I think that it's also indicative of Japan using its "soft power" of entertainment and media influence to broadcast a little more widely to the world. If anyone is interested, here is the address:

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