Monday, March 30, 2009

Economy causes a double hit to PD

While it is generally agreed upon that credibility has taken a hit under the Bush administration's foreign policies, I read about how the financial crisis is also negatively affecting the image of the United States abroad ( The downfall of the US market has ripple effects everywhere and it has become a global economic downturn. Given the strong and leading role that America's financial and banking sectors had in leading the world down this path and the global perceptions about what has happened in the economy, how the US cleans up the financial and banking mess will matter a lot in re-shaping America's public image. The crisis is perceived to be the making of certain greedy American individuals and corporations and this does not send a favorable message about the values of the United States. The stereotypical views about Americans being greedy and materialistic are accentuated. This again demonstrates how apart from the actions of the American government, the American private sector and corporations just like American tourists and businessmen speak volumes in shaping America's image.

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