Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bureau of African Affairs

I found this PD/PA effort ( by the Bureau of African Affairs in the State Department and thought it sounds like it has the potential to be a really effective program. Providing aid and support to help develop Africa is something that has become a prominent issue in the media over the past decade or so, and this program certainly could help achieve two very important goals: develop African nations, and boost the US government's legitimacy in the international community.
Unfortunately, this program has been relatively inactive over the past few years, as the program's most recent initiative took place way back in April 2007. I think that if our government is at all serious about providing any sort of aid to Africa, a program, such as this one, within the State Department needs to be more active than it currently is, as not only does it boost awareness of the problems that African nations are facing within the US, but it also provides some actual support within Africa to help boost literacy rates, train workers, etc.

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